”I will speak of what is right, I will speak of what is true.

May that protect me! May that protect the speaker!

May that protect me! May that protect the speaker!"

Taittiríja-upanisad, 1.1.

The symbol of anaha szanszkrit szó, jelentése: szabadon lélegezni.

ANAHA is the joy of the liberating breath.

The moment when the unfolding bud presents itself to the Sun.

The expansion after contraction, the overflowing lightness, the freedom of receiving, the opening of the self to the state of ‘I am who I am’.

ANAHA is the seal for the intention of striving for the Light.

ANAHA jewellery is a handmade treasure for body and soul; inspired by humanity and Mother Nature.

When a piece of jewellery is born, it sparks a story. 

What is the story about?

ANAHA gives the shape. You give the voice. The story begins. Take a breath.