About the threshold: Reconnection collection #2
A küszöbről

The symbol of reconnection arrived to me years ago.

It opened up in me, and I received the realisations it brought with a grateful heart. I thought I understood the story it was telling. I thought I had already worked through everything it was telling me about. 

I would have liked to move on, because in the meantime new and new forms have unfolded in me, of topics that I also need to learn.

But this triangle with a circle on its base did not allow me.

Time passed and anxiety and shame engulfed me slowly. I tensed up. I felt that I should be standing on the next step already, not being halted here on the threshold.

I did not understand then that the meaning of this symbol was exactly this.

Stopping at the threshold.

This symbol is a revelation of my willingness to connect, to return. Nothing more and nothing less, just that: a declaration of the intent that I am ready to enter a space where I belong or where I have work to do.

Reconnection is a symbol of preparation. Of gathering strength. Of synthesis, integration and decision.

But it is not the step itself.

If the intention has matured and been tested, the Guardian of the Threshold will let you go forth. And then you have to enter the Gate. The Gate opens to a passage. This is the eye of the needle.

But that is another story and a new collection.

Image credit Rebecca Campbell: The Starseed oracle